in the SPOTLIGHT . . .

BathTime Babies

Splish! SPLASH!! Perfect for the bath, pool, ANY water fun! Swimmingly cute in their swimsuit printed bodies & animal themed bath robes. Exclusive "QuikDri" body dries in no time - Ready to Splish & Splash again & again!

what is Adorability?

You know THAT feeling... When you can’t stop smiling and the doors of your heart fly wide open... When all you can do is radiate love & affection, laughter & enthusiasm and even jump for joy? image description


In our breezy California playroom, we create original and beautiful dolls with perfect little expressions that bring every doll’s charming personality to life. Each doll is a handmade work of heart, made to love and last for every moment of childhood and beyond.

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Join us online! You can help spread love and joy by sharing your ADORABLE stories and pictures. You can also learn about brand new additions to the Adora family. image description