in the SPOTLIGHT . . .

It was love at 1st hug! My First Adora dolls have ultra-soft squeezable bodies perfect for hugging, toting, kissing and everything in between for babies 12 months and up! Removable clothes and magnetic pacifier encourage little ones to nurture.

what is ADORAbility?

In our Southern California workshop we create toys that live up to the Adora promise with that special blend of heartwarming
cuteness and unmatched quality...what we have coined as ADORAbility.


All ADORAble, All the time!

With heartwarming cuteness we'll do our part to keep spreading love & joy throughout the world with the littlest
ambassadors - ADORA KIDS!

all ADORABLE all the time. . . LET'S SHARE!

Join us online! You can help spread love and joy by sharing your ADORABLE stories and pictures. You can also learn about brand new additions to the Adora family. image description