Spreading love and joy: a Playdate event with jeannie n mini

/ By Blogger Martha

The Adora Fairy is busy these days. Spreading love and joy is a full time-job! She recently paid a visit to jeannie n mini in the Irvine Spectrum for a Day of Play in-store event! We had coloring activities for the kids, FREE raffles & gifts with purchase! 6 Fun prizes were given away, and [...]

Serious Business: Employee Appreciation Day

/ By Blogger Martha

We’re a small team here at Adora, so there’s really only one word that comes to mind to describe the environment here. Teamwork. Oh, and fun!  We’re an “all-hands-on-deck” kind of office and we prefer it that way! Everyone helps each other, collaborates, bounces ideas off one another and lends a hand when they can. [...]

Diana Avellan – a Chat with our Dolly Designer Extraordinaire!

/ By Blogger Martha

Many of those adorable faces you’ve seen on our dolls this year, or snuggly toys your little one just can’t let go of is likely the work of our “Dolly Designer Extraordinaire”, Diana Avellan. She’s an extremely passionate and talented developer and it’s evident in her desk which is covered in sketches, fabric samples and [...]

Why I Tell My Daughter She’s Beautiful

/ By Guest Blogger

Several months ago it seemed like articles kept popping up on my Facebook newsfeed and Pinterest homepage about the dangers of telling your daughter she is beautiful, and how damaging it can be to her self esteem. The general premise of these articles was that by telling my daughter that she is beautiful I was [...]

Spreading Love & Joy; Ava’s Story

/ By Blogger Martha

Nothing makes our hearts swell with happiness more than hearing about how our dolls and toys are “Spreading Love & Joy” around the world! It’s a big reminder of why we do the things we do everyday here at Adora! One of our customers, Sarah T. of  Mecca, Ohio shared  her story with us about [...]

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