Designed by Kids for Kids now in it’s 3rd Year!

/ By Blogger Martha

Our Designed by Kids for Kids program is a true example that even small ideas can make BIG impacts. We are so thrilled that we are now in our 3rd year, and still empowering young girls to get creative, design something they’re proud while also giving back to their community! 2015′s Young Designer is a [...]

Adora Heads South for Holiday Donations!

/ By Blogger Martha

Since we find inspiration in people and cultures all over the globe, it only makes sense that the staff at Adora are from countries all over the world!  A variety different accents can be heard every day in office whether it’s British, Vietnamese of South American! Our Product Development Manager Diana Avellan is a native of [...]

Quite Frankly, our Scarlett O’Hara doll is Adorable!

/ By Blogger Martha

One of the very first true blockbusters, 1939 epic romance “Gone with the Wind” starring Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable, is celebrating it’s 75th Anniversary! We couldn’t help but commemorate a movie and its heroine  that has made such an impact on pop culture, even 3/4  of a century later. Adora has made a ToddlerTime™ baby of Scarlett O’Hara [...]

Spreading love and joy: a Playdate event with jeannie n mini

/ By Blogger Martha

The Adora Fairy is busy these days. Spreading love and joy is a full time-job! She recently paid a visit to jeannie n mini in the Irvine Spectrum for a Day of Play in-store event! We had coloring activities for the kids, FREE raffles & gifts with purchase! 6 Fun prizes were given away, and [...]

Serious Business: Employee Appreciation Day

/ By Blogger Martha

We’re a small team here at Adora, so there’s really only one word that comes to mind to describe the environment here. Teamwork. Oh, and fun!  We’re an “all-hands-on-deck” kind of office and we prefer it that way! Everyone helps each other, collaborates, bounces ideas off one another and lends a hand when they can. [...]

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